"I had already been working as a Barber when I came to Systems. My full intention was of just getting through the course so I could have my Red Seal Certificate and work legally. It was soon after very clear that this was turning out to be the best way to better myself as a Barber by taking everything I could from the Hairstylist side of things and applying it to my Trade. Going to school and studying all aspects of hair from coloring, cutting, styling, product knowledge as well as general knowledge of the Industry Is 100% beneficial to anyone considering a career in Barbering alone or Hairstyling. If you want to be the best, learn from the best at SBC!"

"I started teaching both the Nail Technician and Hair Styling programs at Systems Beauty College in June 2016. As a past student for both courses I was excited to be back, as I really enjoyed my time at the college."

"I have always liked the unique teaching style of the school. It is very hands on, and students are able to push themselves forward at their own pace. As instructors, we encourage and motivate students to be the best and we are able to provide them with the basic building blocks, as well as with advanced techniques, to help them succeed in their future careers."

"Teaching has always been a goal of mine, and I am happy to be doing so at a college that incorporates my own beliefs on how students should be taught in the beauty industry."

"I graduated from the cosmetology program at Systems Beauty College in 2011. The staff at the college were always supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable, helping me to grow not only as a hairstylist but also as an individual. SBC has a great environment to learn in, with no shortage of one on one help. I have always looked up to my instructors, and to this day I still lean on them for advice and support. Systems Beauty College was flexible to my personal learning style, with just enough push to help me see and reach my potential. They have certainly aided in making me the stylist I am today! " - Josie

"I am a successful hair dresser and salon owner because of the quality of education I received from systems Beauty College. The teachers truly give you every tool you need to be a success in the beauty industry. " - Jamie

"I couldn't have asked for a better teacher in Donna. She prepared me so well that when I finished my last day of school i felt confident that I had the right tools to Start a successful hairstyling career. The "systems" that she has created for each haircut type set you up so you cannot fail. Donna expects you to be on time and to give nothing more than your best daily. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has taught me. Her systems, techniques and words of wisdom still ring true to me 9 years later." - Ashley

"Lindsey and Donna gave me the foundations to cut in the professional scene. Donna’s systems are very elite, and open the world of hairstyling to create anything you can imagine. I’m very happy I went to SBC Thank you Linz and Donna" - Thomas