Systems Beauty College

SBC’s systems and teaching styles are different than most and designed to meet your learning needs.

Up to $4000 may be available in government grants in the hairstyling program. We have a very high employment rate among our graduates in all our programs. This is likely to do with our constant upgrading in industry and college classes in adult education. Based on availability, Brandon University residences are available to our students. Please ask for the contact information.

Our Salon

Systems Beauty College runs as a salon 9:30am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. During this time you practice all your practical and communication skills. Personality and communication are a large part of your success. We not only give you trade training, but we also teach you how to be employable and successful. Our clients are mostly patient and understanding and this helps you be more comfortable and confident.

If you are ready for your new career and are willing to give it your all, let us help you be “Better than the average bear”!

Read Our Sexual Violence Policy